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From 26 - 28 October 2021, members of the 8.7 Network came together to discuss, debate, provide direction, share, exchange, and learn.
Learn more about what was achieved below.

Outcomes of the 2021 AGM

  • Governance

    • Members adopted governance documents, including the Network Constitution and Management Committee terms of reference

    • Members confirmed Management Committee members and the process for elections going forward

  • Strategy  

    • Members adopted the Commonwealth 8.7 Network's new three-year strategy

    • Members discussed and developed plans for implementing the strategy and identified areas for collaboration 

  • Operations 

    • Members reviewed the Commonwealth 8.7 Network's activities over the past two years

    • The Commonwealth 8.7 Network's Secretariat and Management Committee presented activities for the coming year

  • Sharing and Networking 

    • Members shared knowledge and exchanged ideas on issues and themes of importance to their organisations

    • Regional discussion groups were held in order to facilitate collaboration among members with others in their region


The AGM is an opportunity to build on previous discussions and to develop and implement recommendations over the coming months and years. The AGM offers space for intra network interactions and networking, with the aim to foster relationships and collaboration between all members. 

  • Aligning and integrating network priorities and governance structure: The AGM serves as a platform to align the 8.7 Network on its structure and priorities, including adopting governance measures that will carry the Network into the future. 

  • Commonwealth 8.7 Network strategy: Members to review in detail the adoption and progress of the three-year strategy for the Commonwealth 8.7 Network at the AGM. The strategy establishes clear goals and objectives, identifying areas for collective action to further support victims and survivors, push for policy and legal changes through advocacy, build capacity, and improve communications.

  • Strengthening our International Network: The AGM provides the opportunity for members to share good practice and explore cross-network collaboration through thematic sessions and regional networking opportunities. These sessions improve our communication systems and support dialogue and sharing good practice within the Network. 

  • Assessing impact of our 8.7 work: The AGM is a space to monitor and evaluate the work of the Network. This review is vital in order to improve the effectiveness of our work to ensure our efforts to eradicate contemporary forms of slavery remains relevant and impactful. 

2021 AGM Highlights

What is the Commonwealth 8.7 Network AGM?

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