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About CHRI


The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative is an independent,
non-governmental, non-profit organisation that works for the practical realisation of human rights. 

From its offices in New Delhi, London and Accra, it focuses on issues related to Access to Justice, Access to Information, and Contemporary Forms of Slavery and Human Trafficking.
CHRI’s London office supports global efforts towards the achievement of SDG target 8.7 and the eradication of contemporary forms of slavery through evidence-based research, advocacy, knowledge sharing, network and capacity building.
In July 2019, CHRI launched the Commonwealth 8.7 Network and currently serves as its Secretariat, facilitating its day-to-day operations and coordinating network activities.

CHRI’s publications on contemporary forms of slavery include: 

Eradicating Modern Slavery – This publication highlights Commonwealth government action, and inaction, to tackle modern slavery. In 2018, Commonwealth governments committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goal Target 8.7. Two years on, this report finds that progress has been slow and concrete action is urgently needed to achieve this target by 2030. This report is the result of a partnership of Walk Free and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI).

Creating an Effective Coalition to Achieve SDG 8.7 – CHRI’s report to the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which calls for Commonwealth States to take effective measures to eradicate all forms of modern slavery. 

The Commonwealth Roadmap to SDG target 8.7 - which presents an indicator framework, supplementing the Global Slavery Index to measure State progress towards the achievement of SDG target 8.7.

Domestic Work Is Work: Using ILO Convention 189 To Protect Workers Rights Across The Commonwealth - The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, with support from the International Trade Union Confederation and the Commonwealth Trade Union Group, launched a report to inform good practice, inspire action, and raise awareness of the importance of ratifying C189. 

Global Supply Chains & Covid-19. Exposing Exploitation in the Personal Protective Equipments Sector in Malaysia and Australia - This report examines the exploitative working conditions amongst businesses involved in PPE production in Malaysia, and highlights the inadequate state and private sector responses to detect and remedy abuses or prosecute crimes related to labour exploitation and slavery-like practices. It also examines the anti-slavery safeguards under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018, and finds that despite its provisions, some Australian businesses continued to trade with suppliers widely reported to be in breach of human rights standards in Malaysia.

As well as organising convenings and workshops to raise awareness of SDG target 8.7 issues, CHRI also undertakes advocacy with Commonwealth States and at the United Nations, contributing to standard setting and policy development, ensuring that such processes reflect the realities of those on the frontlines, including survivors.

For more information on CHRI’s work to address contemporary forms of slavery 

You can also visit CHRI’s website

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